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Domestic Violence:Mike Bamiloye Issues A Warning To Men Who Mistreat Their Wives

Mike Bamiloye has been outspoken, particularly in situations where people’s marital wellbeing  is at stake.

Domestic violence is a significant issue in Nigeria, just like it is in other parts of Africa. In Nigeria, it is widely believed that beating a woman as a kind of discipline is approprraite. Domestic abuse instances are increasing and don’t seem to be stopping in Nigeria, regardless of the victim’s age, race, religion, or even socioeconomic class.


Domestic violence includes all forms of abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional, and mental. Women have historically been the targets of domestic violence. In Nigeria, violence against women frequently takes the form of rape, acid attacks, molestation, and wife beatings.


Mike Bamiloye, a director, actor, and preacher, has taken to his Instagram page to deliver a strong warning to husband-beating males in an effort to put off this growing problem.


The fact that Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Ministries, has recently spoken out in favor of marriage and relationships is noteworthy. This time, he posted a warning from the Bible on his Instagram page to spouses who advantage and mistreat their wives.


Bamiloye stated in the lengthy Instagram letter that abusing one’s wife has far worse effects on the guy than it does on the woman.

“Men and bros, listen to me…! Men and brethren, listen to me. When you are maltreating your wife,…It is yourself you are doing! When you are insulting your wife, it is yourself you are doing! When you are hurting your wife, it is yourself you are hurting! When you are starving your wife to punish her, it is yourself you are starving! [sic]”


Going further, he stated that prayers will not work for men who are “violent and inhumane” when dealing with their spouses


Listen to me, bros and men, your prayers will not be able to turn situation around when you are violent and inhumane and inconsiderate and unloving to the wife of your youth. She cries all night long, you dont even care. She hurts terribly on her heart, you don’t even look in her direction, You abandon her at home with three or four children and go your way on business trip and personal vacation, cruising around from coast to coast. You are only making a deposit to a bank of future calamity. And you make your withdrawals with full interest. You can not miss your rewards. It is yourself you are doing! [sic]


Mike Bamiloye is a leading figure in the gospel film space. He has trained a number of actors and film personnel who are making waves in the film industry. Mike Bamiloye also give his voice to relationship conversations with the aim of encouraging a healthy marriage culture.

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