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Mercy Johnson’s Husband Protects Her From Public Trolls

After being publicly condemned and crucified for throwing her weight behind APC’s Lagos governorship candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Tinubu for the general elections, actress Mercy Johnson’s husband has now defended her.

Recall  that Mercy Johnson had posted her outing with the ruling party; All Progressives Congress on her verified Instagram page on Wednesday evening and captioned it:

“Earlier today, I joined His Excellency, Babajide Sanwo-Olu @jidesanwoolu and the incredible women leaders that make up the APC ‘Women Presidential Campaign Team’ at the APC women Southwest Rally.

As a woman, wife to an APC candidate @princeodiokojie, and mother, I am confident in the APC plan for women which is in line with the 35% affirmative action for women.

From the goodwill messages and conversations with the women leaders, I was opportune to hear from the horse’s mouth and I have renewed hope and confidence in the good intentions, great plans, and actions to follow for the women of Nigeria and for the people of Nigeria. Renewed hope. VoteAPC. Odiwife.” she said.

This didn’t go well with the fans of Mercy Johnson and fellow Nigerians as they went ahead to express their dissatisfaction.

“Renewed hope at roughly 300 Per liter for fuel or over 30k for one bag of rice? You are not a serious human being. Tomorrow you celebrities will make a video crying about the hike in prices. Aunty if you don’t fear men, please fear God for the sake of Nigerians” one Muti reacted

“You all just care about money and no single regard for humanity. It’s a pity!” one Brave wrote

“Support ur husband for his position but don’t try sugarcoating APC!! Even deep down you know the truth!!!” One Zubby wrote

“The internet never forgets, u all celebrities supporting someone u know is not healthy enough to rule us but yet u still support them because of your selfish interests, if eventually they win and this country turns worse than it is, you will have yourselves to blame, but of course, u all don’t care, because your families are well to do and can leave the country anytime u like.

Good luck destroying dis country more, see a bag of rice for 42k I can’t even buy one bag dis Christmas, borders are closed, everything is expensive no oil, nothing…but what do u care when u v it excess n Even more……. I shed tears typing dis …… Life is not even fair, people commit suicide because they can’t even afford to feed their families anymore and you sit there and say women empowerment…. kidnapping everywhere, na one eye we dey take sleep if not God protecting us, I’m disappointed” One Afenifere wrote

However, the husband to the popular Nigerian Actress took to defend his wife via the social media platform.

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