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Mani Lapussh And Rema’s “Breathe Anthem” Is Out now On Breathe Music

Breathe Music,a talent showcase platform by TomTom, officially releases ‘Breathe Anthem’ by Mani Lapussh and Rema’s .”The winner of the 2021 TomTom “Breathe For It” challenge, Mani Lapussh, is a composer, singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer, and actor with a lot of potential in the Nigerian music industry.

After winning the TomTom “Breathe For It” challenge, which had more than 500 entries, Mani Lapussh got the big break.Mani Lapussh has received tremendous support from TomTom as a promising artist since winning the “Breathe For It” contest.

Mani Lapussh and Afrobeat artist Rema have collaborated on the “Breathe Anthem” project since Mani Lapussh won the TomTom “Breathe For It” challenge.Mani Lapussh’s hit single, which is currently dominating Nigerian music radio, indicates that it will be the first of many hits released under the Breathe Music Platform.

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