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Man Allegedly Butchers Friend In Cross River

A terrible incident apparently occurred over the weekend in the Olum community of the Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State when a young man allegedly used a machete to brutally murder his friend.

According to local reports, the assailant’s name was Emmanuel and the victim’s name was Akwande.

According to an eyewitness report from one Patrick Osang, three of them went to the farm, he said: “After work, Emmanuel brought out his pawpaw and was eating while Akwande was sucking oranges. I left the two of them and went to cut palm fruits.”

“I did not hear any quarrel or exchange of words but when I went back I saw Akwande lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on his neck. I asked Emmanuel what happened but he did not say anything but went ahead to attack me with his matchet.”

“We fought with our knives but his knife could not penetrate my body neither did mine enter his because of the charms both of us have. But I overpowered him and dragged him to the village.”

“We are friends from Obudu and came to Boki to work for daily pay. We have been living peacefully until Saturday afternoon when Emmanuel killed Akwande.”

Ms. Irene Ugbo, the Cross River Police spokesman said she was yet to be briefed on the matter.

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