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Lovers Attempted Suicide After Walking About Nude having been intoxicated by Drugs

At 8pm on Saturday 11th June 2022, in the Victoria Garden City, an Estate located in the Ajah axis of  Lagos State,Nigeria, a couple assumed to be Lovers created a bizarre scene when residents of the Estate saw them walking about naked.

This incivility motivated residents to report them to the Management and Security Personnels of the Estate.

The unnamed Lovers who were then identified to be residents of Close 63 in the Estate, were later guided to their apartment by the representatives of the Management dispatched to end the theatre of shame happening in the Estate.

Thavmedia learnt that, upon their safe arrival to their apartment where their nakedness had been covered. The Lovers intended to take their own lives when they started inflicting injuries on themselves, by cutting their wrists and necks with objects believed to be small knives or razor. This is an act of attempted Suicide.

Residents intervened yet again by threatening the Lovers to stop or be reported to the Police. Residents were careful not to break in to the house as they observed bold words written on the door entrance that reads; “If you open this door, you will be cursed.”

Eyewitnesses accounted that, upon gaining entrance into the apartment, the Lovers were seen laying on the bed, while cutting themselves and declaring that they will die and rise up again after three days. At this point it was obvious to all and sundry in the Estate, they were hallucinating.
So they were taken out of bed and blood stains were seen littered everywhere on the floor and on the walls of their apartment.

When their BQ apartment was searched, contraband Drugs and other substances were seen. So it was obvious they were under the high influence of these Drugs and substance.

The Management engaged the services of it’s Medical team who administered first aid treatment to them before sedating them.The Lovers were then rushed to the hospital and were discharged after two days, according to Gihan Mbelu-the Chairman of the Victoria Garden City(VGC), who confirmed the Lovers acted under the influence of drugs.

Thavemedia gathered the incident was not reported to the Police, according to SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Public Relation Officer of the Lagos State Police Command.
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