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Lessons To Learn From Bella Shmurda’s interview with Korty

There is a popular saying that says you will always know a first timer whenever he lays his hand on money. It’s so easy for wealth acquired by luck to be squandered and returned to square one because of bad money habits. In Bella Shmurda’s interview with Youtuber, Korty, he shared some of the challenge sand experiences he encountered the process of him achieving it in life.  some of the lessons he learnt are as follows;


1.You shouldn’t allow everyone to follow you to the top.And if you are from the ghetto learn to hustle alone and hope for a better day

Bella mentioned how he used to have over 10 men in his house and they would come with their women- that’s a whole lot of mouths to feed. Plus, they could put you in trouble.

2. Don’t spend excessively on luxury items you do not need at that moment.

Bella said he bought three cars so he could have an entourage. Luxury is good, especially when the money is there, but question your motive for buying some luxury items and most of the time, you’d find out that you don’t need them.

3. Pride goes before fall

This lesson was said by Bella himself. ‘Don’t step on people’s toes, you know pride comes with fame. When fame goes, your pride won’t work again.’ People are your most valuable asset. Treat everyone with respect.

4. There’s rice at home

Bella complained about spending about two million naira in a club in one night, but for many other celebrities, that’s a normal expense. If he had a steady influx of money assured in their millions, then that expense wouldn’t have bothered him so much.

You have to plan your expenses with your cashflow. We know you want to shout ‘we outside’ but please stay at home if you don’t have money.

5. Think global

Bella mentioned how he began to feel bad when his colleagues were headlining international festivals and he wasn’t.

In order for you to excel and be successful in life you have to take a bold step and try to be positive at all times and think of influencing the world globally.

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