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Kido Madiba Set To Drop New Single ‘Attention’

Fast rising sensational artist  Kido Madiba is set to release a new single he calls ‘Attention.’ Ready to shake up the airwaves and dancefloors, Attention is the second single from this hot new artiste that was recently signed to Def Jam Africa as part of their proactive mission to take our continent’s sounds to the world.Firmly taking his spot as one of the leaders in the Afrobeat genre, Kido Madiba has kept his head down, working hard on producing music that educates and entertains simultaneously, whilst delivering relatable connection through every beat.

The music ’’Attention’’ is the perfect way to get listeners attention with the message stemming from a crazy and chaotic period in a past romantic relationship, Kido uses personal inspiration to drive his penmanship, inspired by love, situational factors, humanity and his environment. He speaks about ‘impact’ being one of his driving forces as a musician, “the definitive idea of success is broad and sometimes fleeting, so I would rather aim for impact”, he states. Using Pidgin English as his primary singing language, the world is gravitating towards this contagious dialect as much as the danceable beats that drive the message. Kido is at the point in his career where he is fully focused on his music and he’s ready to explore the depth of his emotions and wear his heart on their sleeve as he lays down everything for their career and fans.

Kido Madiba is a very dedicated and  humble person,he goes on and on to inspire young singers and upcoming ones and he equally step that he got his inspiration from Nelson Mandela who offered himself to the world through his music.

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