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Instagram Comedian Amarachi Amuse Places A Curse On Her Haters Because Of Their Gossip Against Her Progress

Instagram comedian, Amarachi Amusi Popularly known as Ashmusy, as recently unveiled her brand new car via her Instagram page.

Following the acquisition, many individuals have turned to the internet’s comment sections to disparage her and downplay the efforts she made to obtain the vehicle. While many have ascribed her success to the men in her life, others have even questioned where she gets her money.

On Thursday, the comedian cursed those who disparaged her and attributed her success and accomplishments to men. She asserted that those who criticized her would never enjoy the rewards of their labour.

Amarachi Amuse having  gone  through  series  of criticisms from people , she  went further to say this  to her haters ‘And for those who attribute her success to men, she said they’d work so hard and never see positive results.

“Anybody that ever belittles my hustle and attaches my success/ achievement to a man will never ever ever eat the fruit of their labor. He/she will work and work and work and not be able to make anything from all the work…

Amarachi  went  on  to  say to the public that If you ever decide to give my glory to a man and spread fake news against me… if you ever make all my shooting of videos every damn day look like nothing, if you make me running businesses back to back for 5 years now look like nothing… you will work so hardddd and not see results! Amen.”, she said.

Ashmusy  has  over a one million instagram followers  and  she is equally one of the most popular Instagram comedians in Nigeria. But beyond being a comedian, she is also an online company owner, social media influencer, content developer, and internet personality.

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