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In 2022, Anthony Joshua And His Second Coach Part Ways

Eddie Hearn confirmed that Anthony Joshua is building a new team in the United States. This is not the first time that AJ has sacked his team.

Joshua has split from coach Robert Garcia. After his first defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, he parted ways with Rob McCracken, his long-term trainer.

The fight between Joshua and Usyk took place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on September 25, 2021. The Ukrainian boxer prevailed by unanimous vote.

Following the humiliating defeat, AJ immediately used the rematch clause in his contract and set out on a tour of the United States to find a new coaching team.

He spent time with Virgil Hunter, Ronnie Shields, and Eddy Reynoso, but he decided to work with Garcia, a well-known Mexican-American coach who has coached many world champions.

After Garcia’s misinterpretation of an interview in Spanish as containing criticism of Joshua sparked rumors of a split, Hearn confirmed the news to Behind The Gloves: No, he’s fine. He is currently working with his new team in the United States.

“He is putting that together, and after that, we will find an opponent, and the date is almost set.” We are eagerly anticipating his return now that it has pretty much been resolved.’

It is said that AJ and Garcia had their fair share of disagreements, and during the buildup to the Usyk II fight, the two fighters did not always “see eye to eye.”

When asked about AJ’s relationship with Garcia by Behind The Gloves, reporter Gareth A. Davies stated, I’ve heard that they haven’t always agreed with each other.

“This is a fresh relationship.” You are confronting issues in the second relationship. All of that is very good news for me. They have been working to boost his self-assurance. Change the momentum from the first fight because trying to box Usyk was the wrong strategy.

Push him around, close off the space, be rude, and let your hands go, obviously using educated pressure. Joshua’s actions are known to Usyk. He’s going to be more physical with him and let his hands go a little more.

“He is not going to stand aside, attempt to jab him, and close the space in that manner.” Usyk faces a formidable Adonis, who is larger, heavier, and stronger than him and has extremely heavy hands.

“So, he’s getting ready for that, and I think he wants to maybe end the fight and fight fire with fire as well,” He knows he has the difficult skills to do it. In there, he needs to be strong.

“Maybe he does not want to go through 12 rounds this time.” Davies commented on Usyk, “I don’t buy he’s 20 kilos heavier, but he certainly looks thicker around the torso and stronger.”

Next year, Joshua is expected to return to the ring.

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