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I Never Borrowed As A Governor – Peter Obi

While speaking during the presidential town hall meeting organized by Arise TV in Abuja on Sunday, 6th November, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi stated that during his tenure as governor of Anambra State, he never borrowed.

The Arise TV Town Hall meeting that hosted presidential candidates from various political parties in Abuja to interact with Nigerians saw Mr. Peter Obi boldly making this declaration.

Obi said, “In a country where those in government are richer than entrepreneurs, they manufacture poverty.”

“During my time as a former governor, I served for eight eights. You can go to that state you will find that I never borrowed from any financial institution in Nigeria. I have never been invited or questioned about any missing money anywhere.”

 “The day I left the office, I wasn’t owing any contractor or supplier that has delivered his project, I was not owing pension, gratuity, salary. I left in three banks; Access, Diamond, and Fidelity, over $50 million each for the state.”

“I have never borrowed, I served faithfully and I left their money.”

“The system can work if we do the right thing.”

He further added, “Saving money was in addition to excellent performance, I won the award for best road network by the Federal Government. I also won an award from Bill Gates Foundation for best in education and health.”



However, when asked by Melaye if the Office of the president and the Vice President were the same thing, considering the uncoordinated networking among security agencies.

Responding, Obi said: “The office of the President and the Vice President is not the same; there is a Commander in Chief. The burden stops at somebody’s desk.

“He can delegate that power to his Vice; that is why, when the president travels, we talk about the transition of power. The Vice President is not Commander-In-Chief.

“In terms of coordination, they should work as a family. As president and Commander-In-Chief, the decision stops on my desk.

“I will be responsible to Nigerians. Datti, my Vice President, will be working very closely with me.

“Even the constitution points out areas where the Vice President will head, it didn’t say that he is the Commander-In-Chief.”

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