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Hundeyin Lagos Police PRO Defends Police Use Of Firearms To Protect Themselves

The spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, says under the law, police officers have the right to use their firearms to protect themselves in the face of danger.

Hundeyin gave the clarification while reacting to the backlash police officers in the state received for using their firearms on a mob at the Alaba Rago market in the state on Tuesday, January 17, which led to the death of one of the attackers.

The officers had gone to the market to effect the arrest of a suspect but were challenged by a mob. In the process of retreating from the mob, a police officer fired his arm and it fatally injured one of the said attackers.

Hundeyin shared a portion of the Nigerian constitution that authorises the use of firearms in the face of danger.

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