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How To Gain Back Shape After Child’s Birth

The term “Mom Butt” or “Pancake Butt” refers to a loss of “junk in the trunk” or a flat butt that commonly appears after childbirth. It’s slang for postpartum buttocks that have grown larger, saggier, or flatter than before. Reports have shown that many mothers experience this during and after pregnancy. This change in the appearance of your butt is caused by a loss of butt fat, changes in your posture, changes in your gluteal muscles, prolonged sitting, and breastfeeding. All of which is a normal physical changes the body undergoes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.


To accommodate their growing belly, pregnant women tend to tuck their buttocks under, protrude their hips forward, and sway their upper back backward. This causes muscular and postural imbalances, which can make the butt look flat.

Hormonal fluctuations can also have an impact on your body. The body produces more relaxing hormones during pregnancy. This relaxes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments near the pelvis to prepare for birth.

1) Fix your posture

To regain optimal balance, the long-term solution for addressing alignment is to strengthen weak muscles (like your glutes!) and add length to tight muscles.

2) Nutrition

Maintain a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients and calories, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Avoid or limit sugary foods, drinks, solid fat, and processed foods.

3) Learn To Exercise Yourself

To increase your activeness, develop your strength, and tone your muscles, try to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. There are many lower body exercises like glute bridges, hip thrusts, squats, and lunges that can be done at home.

4) Avoid sitting for long

Sitting for several hours a day exacerbates the muscle imbalances caused by pregnancy.

Your buttocks will remain weak and inactive, while your hip flexors will become tighter if you continue to sit for long hours postnatal.

5) Don’t rush

Your body has gone through and is still going through a lot of normal changes, so don’t overdo it. It is possible to transform your mom’s butt into a sculpted, toned bum. But start slowly by sticking to a healthy eating plan, staying active, and doing exercises that target your butt.

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