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Oranges are one of the major fruit that is commonly seen anywhere. It is a fruit that is mostly recommended for pregnant women by doctors ,because it goes a long way in nourishing the body system and making it powerful in fighting disease. Oranges are one of the most popular fruits around the world, but the orange peel is a different deal altogether as it is the healthiest part of the fruit. However, people tend to throw away the peel because they’re unaware of what it’s capable of. Orange peels contain nearly three to four times the fiber of the actual fruit and flavonoids.

Studies have proven that the orange flesh contains about 71 milligrams of vitamin C while the peel contains over 136 milligrams. Can you see why you need to rethink the act of disposing orange peels?

We’ll be highlighting how your health can be impacted when you consume orange peels. Here are the health benefits of orange peels.

1. Treats diabetes

Orange peels are rich in pectin, a fiber that is known to regulate blood sugar levels. This goes a long way to help people with diabetes.

2. Promotes healthy heart

According to research, a diet containing citrus fruits, such as oranges, offers protection against cardiovascular disease due to the folate present in it.

3. Enhance digestion

Orange peel is very helpful in reducing the chances of constipation. Studies have shown that it can be used to treat digestive disorders.


4. Aids weight loss

Orange peel also contains vitamin C that is known to help burn fat. I

5. Improves the health of lungs

With it’s excellent vitamin C content, orange peels help break down congestion and cleanse the lungs. Vitamin C also boosts immunity, and this helps ward off and prevent lung infections.

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