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Harry And Meghan Wins Human Rights Award

Prince Harry and Meghan received the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) organisation at a gala in New York.

“We know a ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said, after winning an award for their racial justice and mental health work.

The two also spoke about their “belief of courage over fear and love over hate”.

Actor Alec Baldwin hosted the ceremony. During the ceremony, Harry and Meghan announced a new collaboration between their Archewell Foundation and the RFKHR – the Archewell Foundation Award for Gender Equity in Student Film.

The RFKHR is a human rights advocacy organisation that focuses on issues such as mass incarceration, racial justice and gender-based violence.

It says that it honours those who have demonstrated “an unwavering commitment to social change and worked to protect and advance equity, justice and human rights”.

“Our hope with this award is to inspire a new generation of leadership in the arts, where diverse up-and-coming talent have a platform to have their voices heard and their stories told,” the couple said in a statement.

“The values of RFK Foundation and the Archewell Foundation are aligned in our shared belief of courage over fear, and love over hate.

“Together we know that a ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change.”

Speaking on stage with Ms Kennedy during the event, Harry joked: “I’ll be honest with you, Kerry – I just thought we were just going on a date night, so I found it quite weird that we’re sharing the room with 1,500 people.

“We don’t get out much these days because our kids are so small and young, so this is completely unexpected.

“But it’s nice to share date night with all of you, so thank you for coming,” he added to laughter from the audience.

Awards were also given to Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky and Bank of America chief executive Brian Moynihan. 

According to President Kerry Kennedy, he said the royal couple had been “incredibly brave” in addressing the issues of mental illness and racial justice.

“For Meghan to get out there on national television and normalise discussion of mental health, at this point, is incredibly important and very brave,” Ms Kennedy, the daughter of the late Robert F Kennedy, told US outlet Extra. 

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