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Group Issues 48 Hours Ultimatum To IGP Of Police, DSS To Arrest Fani-Kayode For ‘Posing Threats To National Security’

A civil society organisation under the umbrella of Save Nigeria Democratic Movement (SNDM), has issued the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba and the Department of State Services (DSS) 48 hours to arrest the Director of New Media of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Femi Fani-Kayode, over his recent ‘inciting comments’.

SNDM had made this demand on Thursday at a news conference in Abuja.

While addressing the newsmen, SNDM President, Dr. Danjuma Garba, and the Secretary, Cmr. Olubankole Peters Adeniyi, said Fani-Kayode’s ethnic profiling and inciting statements fuelled widespread violence across the nation including attacks on non-Yoruba voters in Lagos State during March 18 governorship election. The SNDM condemned  Fani-Kayode’s recent threat that the country would be ungovernable if the ‘President-elect, Bola Tinubu of the APC was not sworn in on May 29. Therefore  Fani-Kayode poses a grave danger to Nigeria’s democracy, unity and security.

According to the group, “The Save Nigeria Democratic Movement is disturbed by the recent inciting comments by a former Aviation Minister and Director of News Media, All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Femi Fani-Kayode.

Read statement below;

“Recently, the media has been awash with reports of Fani-Kayode’s inciting rhetoric targeted at causing ethnic disharmony and widespread violence across the nation. We can no longer continue to ignore his excesses as they pose a grave danger to our democracy, unity and security.

“Recall that his ethnic profiling and inciting statements fuelled unprecedented violence against non-Yoruba voters in Lagos State at the just-concluded governorship poll. We find it totally unacceptable, his recent threat to make the country ungovernable should Bola Ahmed Tinubu not be sworn in.

“This is a threat against national peace and security and should not be ignored by all relevant security agencies. Already, his rancorous and misguided outbursts had attracted the attention of the international community.

“A British envoy addressed him and pointed out the dangers of his inciting statements. However, instead of retracting his statements, he went wild against the envoy with derogatory remarks and tirades unbefitting of a supposed statesman.

“Femi Fani-Kayode is infamous in Nigeria for his opportunistic political misadventures. He is a rabble-rouser whose only political value is the noise he makes and the ripples of disaffection it causes.

“He has never contested, won or lost an election. His is to parasitically attach himself to the winning side and look for any available financial opportunity to sustain his extravagant and drug-ridden lifestyle.

“He is a craven man who rides behind the trails of valiant men to glean the spoils of war. And while waiting for the spoils, he can go to the extremes of verbal assaults, name-calling and denigration of opponents.”

The group noted that Fani-Kayode’s method of political engagement “is crude, savage, hostile and barbaric. He does not spare vices however indecorous in his quest to appear loyal to his paymasters. He is a known groveler who does the ‘dirty jobs’ for his paymasters in return for ‘food’.

SNDM pointed out that as a result of Fani-Kayode’s “unprincipled” approach to life in general, and to politics in particular, he has no allegiance to any political party or ideology.

“And when he is done eating, he scatters the table and spites the host. His eloquence is fuelled by the sight of food rather than being inspired by a cause, reason or logic. He is a political pariah who, like a hawk, flies about looking for only what to eat.

“Femi Fani-Kayode is such a despicable figure that is awful and abhorrent in private life and unfit for public offices.

“We, therefore, call on the ruling party to amend their initial mistake of appointing Femi Fani-Kayode into their campaign council by distancing themselves from his inciting and bigoted comments.

“Already, he is trying to cause a diplomatic row between Nigeria and the United Kingdom with his recent tantrum against the British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ben Llewellyn-Jones, who tried to address his excesses.

“We would be forced to believe that Femi Fani-Kayode is doing the bidding of the ruling party to destroy Nigeria if drastic punitive actions are not taken against him.

“Finally, we call on the Inspector General of Police, and the Directorate of State Security (DSS) to arrest within 48 hours, Femi Fani-Kayode for posing a grave threat to national security with his ceaseless inciting statements and ethnic profiling. This is to serve as a deterrent to other tribal bigots and overzealous politicians,” it added.

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