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Governor Of Kaduna State Sets Agenda For 9th Assembly

El-rufai, who is the Chairman, Distinguished Parliamentarians Lecture 2022, organised by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies in Abuja and also the Governor of Kaduna state said the agenda became imperative for the country, the Governor urged the lawmakers to ensure the enactment of state and community policing law, adding that the current policing system in the country would not work.

He equally added that, Nigeria is the only country with centralised policing system, the national assembly must ensure it enact a new law to take care of the policing system in the country.

He said that Nigeria remained the only country with a unitary judiciary, adding that the national assembly should ensure such was addressed before the expiration of its tenure. The Governor  urged the lawmakers to enact a law that would ensure it made the first 12 years of education free and compulsory from primary to secondary school. According to El-rufai, Nigeria can never make progress without educating everyone in the country. El-rufai said that reforming the local government autonomy to make each Local Government flexible to meet the need of the state should also be the priority of the 9th assembly.

He said, “these are things that need some creative legislation by the 9th assembly and they must ensure these are achieved before it winds up in June”. Commending the leadership of Sen. Ahmad Lawan, the Senate President and Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, he said “the two are perhaps the most experienced legislators in the country”.

He said, the lecture became necessary because the national assembly was the most decapitated branch of government as it was usually dissolved whenever there was a coup.

“So this is why the lecture is important to continue to build capacity.There is a need to have this kind of interaction from time to time to make the legislature work better,” he said. Speaking on why he would never be a lawmaker, El-rufai said “the legislature is one I know I cannot function, because I do not have the patience”. He said the lawmaker needed hardwork to convince the people, unlike the executive where decision could be taken by the executive with the right to hire and fire. The governor said in the national assembly, ” everyone is equal and no leadership is more tasking than managing your equal. It’s the hardest job in this country.

He rounded up by saying, the 9th Assembly had passed the most important legislations in the history of Nigeria. Responding, Lawan said El-rufai’s remarks on the right to hire and fire was not applicable to the lawmakers. According to him, “this is a complete reversal because our colleagues hire and can fire us but my colleagues in the 9th assembly have been supporting us.”

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