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Gov. Umahi- Tinubu Will Care For Igbos Like Buhari Is Doing

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state, has assured that the All Progressive Congress [APC], Bola Tinubu would take appropriate good care of the igloos and will make sure that everything are in its right place , just the way President Buhari is doing . He recalled when Bola Tinubu was on seat as the Governor of Lagos state, and how he took proper care of the igbos. 

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State has assured that the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu would take care of Igbos as President Muhammadu Buhari has done. He made the speech at the APC local government campaign rallies in Iboko, the headquarters of Izzi Local Government Area. He also said that the igbos stand a great chance of benefiting lots of things when Tinubu finally emerges as the President of Nigeria come the general election.

In Governor Umahi’s voice, We are standing with Tinubu and Shettima. They will take care of Ebonyi State the way Buhari took care of Ebonyi State. The way Buhari has been taking care of us that is the way Jagaban is going to take care of the Ndigbo. “Jagaban was the governor of Lagos State and under him, Ndigbo in Lagos prospered and they are still  prospering. “This speaker has been with me for 16 years from when I was party chairman to when I was made deputy governor and then governor.” Umahi also said that the igloos will not be ruled or guided by sentiments in the 2023 election.

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