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Five Differences In Nutrition Between Potatoe Chips And Plantain Chips

Plantain and potato chips are two different snacks that are not only yummy, they are also nutritious.

Carbohydrates, which are necessary for your muscles, brain, and other cells and tissues, can be found in abundance in these crunchy snacks.There are however some nutritional differences between them which can help you decide which you should be eating more.

1.Vitamin E:Plantain chips only provide 2.8 milligrams of vitamin E, whereas potatoe chips provide 3.8 milligrams. Vitamin E is necessary for the functioning of your blood and immune system.

2.Vitamin A and C:These two kinds of chips are good sources of vitamins A, C, and E. Plantain chips also have more vitamin A and C than the other type of chips. Chips made from plantains will provide you with more vitamins that support your eyes, immune system, tissues, and skin health.

One serving of plantain chips contains 18 milligrams of vitamin C and 786 international units of vitamin A. On the other hand, a single serving of potatoe chips only contains 11 milligrams of vitamin C and no vitamin A.

3.Potassium:Despite the fact that plantain chips appear to be doing better than potato chips, plantains lack potassium and vitamin E. Plantains provide only 446 milligrams of potassium to the diet.

On the other hand, potatoe chips contain a staggering 931 milligrams of potassium. It means a lot to take note of that potassium is really great for the heart, muscles and nerves. Intake of a sufficient amount of potassium also aids in rhythm control.

4.Sodium level:Potatoe chips and plantain chips both contain some sodium. Plantain chips, on the other hand, contain less sodium than potatoe chips. This is important because too much sodium can harm your health and cause things like high blood pressure, a stroke, damage to your kidneys, and other problems.

5.Fat Content: While potatoe chips and plantain chips both contain fat, the fat content in plantain chips are however lesser.

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