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Ex President Of Nigeria Admits That Contesting For Presidency Again Will Diminish Him

Former Governor of Nigeria ‘Goodluck Jonathan’ says, the only roles acceptable to him now involve stabilising democracy in troubled African states. And that he has no intention to contest for president again, he literally made it clear that he would diminish himself if he ever campaigns again.

“If you wake up tomorrow and see that I am President again, that means there may have been circumstances beyond my control. But not to go and pick one form and go and start lobbying people and running for campaigns; I can’t do that again. If I do that, I will diminish myself,” Jonathan said.

The former president said he enjoyed the drama that accompanied the rumour that he purchased the nomination form of the All Progressives Congress earlier in the year.

Speaking on the controversy that followed the group’s decision, Jonathan said he enjoyed the drama because it didn’t come with insults.

He said, “I was enjoying the drama. At least they are not insulting me. After all, I was pursued out of the office that I was not good enough. So, if now, Nigerians are saying, ‘Oh, this man should come,’ that means they are cleaning me up. So, let me enjoy the drama. “I was not disturbed. I know I cannot go and start struggling to be President again. It wasn’t only Nigerians who were asking me such questions, even most of the top ambassadors -the American ambassador, the UK High Commissioner, France, and all of them. They came to ask me whether I would contest. I don’t think I would contest any election.

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