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Ekiti Elections: Lessons from the aged

I was inspired and filled with Hope for a greater Nigeria when today i saw pictures of the aged going out to cast their vote at the ongoing Ekiti State Gubernatorial Elections being conducted today by the Independent Electoral Commission.

People of this age are closer to the grave (humanly speaking) than the youths of this country.If they will live longer as all mankind desire, it may not be beyond twenty years from now.

Yet in believe for a better country they are out to exercise their fundamental Human Right-the right to vote a right to choose someone they believe will manage public wealth appropriately. They were out to vote for who they think will cater for their needs as the most vulnerable ones in the society and for their generations yet unborn.


Fresh passion, zest and commitment to nation building was fired up in my mind and I want to share same with you reading this piece now with the hope you become more involved in issues of Governance in your Local Government,State and at the Federal Government level.

You can begin by getting registered on the INEC website to get your PVC, if you don’t have one and be determined to go out and vote for any candidate of your choice.

It is your right!

No one person’s opinion should deny or bully you out of exercising your franchise!

Enough of staying glued to the television watching BB Naija, spending your hard earned data making other people rich and polluting your mind with sensual images that will take you away from intimate relationship with your  God and probably lead you to vices like rapping and prostitution because you are what you watch or give attention to.

Please convert that data and time toward mobilizing youths and even the elderly to participate earnestly in the forthcoming elections and in Governance at the grassroots and at centre.

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