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Diagnosis Shows Rare Condition Of Woman Appear Drunk Without Alcohol

A 50-year-old woman diagnosed of being drunk, Without any trace of alcohol in her system and the doctors claims it to be a rare condition that gave her the appearance of being intoxicated, tired and nauseous.

The symptoms is Called auto-brewery syndrome, the condition sees fungi in the gut and create alcohol through fermentation.

Researchers say awareness of this syndrome – which has social, legal, and medical consequences – is essential for proper diagnosis and management.

Over two years the woman visited the emergency department complaining of extreme daytime sleepiness and slurred speech.

She had been on several antibiotic courses for recurrent urinary tract infections alongside a proton pump inhibitor to reduce the amount of acid in her stomach.

Despite not drinking alcohol, she also had elevated blood alcohol levels and alcohol on her breath.

After each hospital visit the woman was discharged with the diagnosis of alcohol intoxication, despite her reports of no alcohol intake, which her family confirmed.

The patient needed up to two weeks off work after each episode and during this time she ate very little.

A dietitian suggested a low-carbohydrate diet, and after completing a one-month course of antifungal medication and the diet, the woman’s symptoms went away and remained absent for four months.

Writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dr Rahel Zewude, University of Toronto, and her co-authors, said: “Auto-brewery syndrome carries substantial social, legal, and medical consequences for patients and their loved ones.


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