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David Rudisha, Two-Time Olympic Champion, Survives A Plane Crash In His Country

David Rudisha, a two-time Olympic champion, survived an upside-down plane crash in Kenya after a light aircraft’s engine failed just minutes after takeoff.

The 800 meters world record holder was one of five travelers on board the airplane which took off from Kimana from Saturday, December 10.

The 33-year-old claimed that about eight minutes into the flight, the aircraft’s engine had stopped, prompting the pilot to attempt an emergency landing.

Rudisha told the Daily Nation, “All was well close to seven or eight minutes into the flight when the engine of the plane suddenly went quiet.”

“He (the pilot) saw some clear space where he tried to land the plane, but one of its wings hit a tree and the plane started to spin before landing on the rocky field,” the report states.

“We thank God that we all survived with some soft tissue injuries, which were treated before all but one were discharged.”

“It was a frightening episode in which you pray to God while holding your heart in your hand.” To keep the plane afloat and stable for so long, the pilot did an amazing job.
Following the accident, an investigation would be conducted, according to the Big Life Foundation, a conservation organization.

A statement stated, “The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority will investigate as is normal following any aircraft crash.” It is inappropriate to provide any additional information until they have completed their report.

“The injured passenger is receiving the best wishes of Big Life and everyone involved in the Maasai Olympics for a speedy recovery.”

“Rudisha, who defended his title at Rio 2016 after setting the 800m world record in 1:40.91 at the Olympics in London, had previously survived a car accident in 2019. When one of the two-time world champion’s tires burst, his SUV collided with a bus, injuring him only lightly.

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