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Dami’s debut album ’Matter of Time’ is an EP that combines intoxicating melodies and impressive writing that allow listeners to feel the emotions of the artist. In her debut project ‘Bri’s  Lounge’Dami Oniru displayed a curious ability to mold melody and impressive penmanship that offered an early insight into her talent and how it might someday come to shape the Afrobeats R&B scene.In her debut project ‘Bri’s After three years of taking a break, she returns with an impressive EP she calls ‘Matter of Time’.

In ‘Matter of Time’, Dami Oniru continues right from where she dropped off by delivering smooth melodies and impressive writing as she explores her emotions.

While the title is trite, its echoes what might be considered Dami’s faith that her time in the limelight was only a matter of time. In terms of the EP’s content, it suggests that it was only a matter of time before she gets her heart desires – love, soft life, and happiness.

Dami Oniru’s reason why power is in her carrier for singing and while she doesn’t have the vocal elasticity to stretch her voice and deliver falsettos,is because  she doesn’t  know how to judiciously  convey her melodious tune over a steady pitch that doesn’t suffer the risk of falling flat.

On this new debut, she wishes to convey her emotions and she wish that all her steps are made   bold through smooth melodies and impressive writing that doesn’t try to come across as too clever or deep.

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