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Couples With Two Kids Arrested Over Failed Effort To Help Family With Infertility Issues

A Nigerian man, Isaiah Junior Edafe and his wife, Trust, are currently miserable in Warri prison after a woman, Mrs Agnes Ejiko accused them of fraud.

SaharaReporters gathered that Trust before the arrest was working as a caregiver for Ejiko.

The duo have also been separated from their two little kids since they were arrested in September 2022.

Ejiko was said to have approached Trust to help look for witch doctors as two of her children were suffering from infertility.

Despite paying millions of Naira to the traditional medicine practitioners, SaharaReporters learnt that Ejiko’s children were still unable to give birth.

This reportedly angered the elderly woman who asked the police to arrest and charge Trust, alongside her husband.

“Trust was working as a caregiver for this elderly woman. She told Trust one day that she wasn’t happy because two of her children abroad couldn’t find the fruit of the womb. So, she begged Trust to help her look for traditionalists who could be of help because it was spiritual problem.

Trust told her she knew someone who does spiritual works with prayers and connected them to the elderly woman and her children. Transactions were made for these purposes and initially it was through Trust’s account to disburse to the spiritual homes for the spiritual and traditional items.

Subsequently the wife made use of the husband’s account to receive some funds from the elderly woman but the husband was not in town as at then and had never met this elderly woman nor spoken with her about any transactions.

All were transferred to the spiritual home and traditionalists as they ordered through the wife. Now the woman did not get results as expected because the two children are still without babies and made arrest demanding money back. Moreover, the woman has made other transactions through transfer to one Prophetess Mercy without Trust’s consent.

Now the elderly woman wants her money back and held this couple in police custody then into jail, awaiting trial. The case has been in court from one adjournment to the other. Making it over 6 months now. This couple have little kids who they left back home and their home and property were vandalized. They also killed all their security dogs.

The little kids went to court to see their parents and couldn’t identify their parents due to the jail conditions and horrible life inside the prison which changed their appearances because of several illnesses. We want them home, these couple are not running or jumping court sittings. Their home is here in Warri where the case is being handled.

Let me add this to it, the man’s car of N16m and papers of land worth N40m belonging to this man are all with Mrs Ejiko, yet she doesn’t want them out of the prison because of her connection.

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