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Come 2024 Election Donald Trump Might Be Kanye West’s Running Mate

The popular rapper Kanye West has announced his intention to run for the US presidential elections scheduled to hold in 2024, he had also asked that Donald Trump should serve as his running partner so they can achieved it. In a recent video, reporters can be seen asking the rapper-singer if he will run for the presidency again. To this, Ye answered in the affirmative. “It’s simple…. It’s just we’re moving toward the future,” he replied.

Pointing to political figure Milo Yiannopoulos, who was also in the video, the rapper and business tycoon said, “This is Milo right here, working on the campaign.” West has been keeping people in the loop about his bid. Today, November 23, 2022, the musician revealed that he had met with former president Donald Trump to discuss the forthcoming elections He wrote: “First time at Mar-a-Lago. Rain and traffic can’t believe I kept President Trump waiting. And I had on jeans. Yikes.”

He posted to his fans by asking them a question “What you guys think his response was when I asked him to be my running mate in 2024?

This is his second go at the presidency. In 2020, West tried to become president under the “Birthday Party” banner, which was unsuccessful as he eventually conceded after appearing on the ballot in only 12 of the 50 states and not getting enough votes.

In regards to the rapper publicly supported Trump and visited the White House wearing his infamous “Make America Great Again” cap.Like West, Trump, is also running for President in 2024 after serving one term as the 45th president of the United States between 2017 and 2021. Both of them recently returned to Twitter.And later on Donald Trump was banned from the platform after the January 6th US Capitol riots last year while West was removed for his anti-Semitic views.

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