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Brymo Issues Public Apology To Ndi’Igbo, Says His Intent Was Not To Insult The Tribe

In a bid to retrace his steps and make amends following his recent unpleasant outburst on social media, which caused an uproar on social media, with over 8,000 Nigerians signing a petition against him, Nigerian Singer, Brymo has issued an apology for insulting Nigerians of Igbo extraction.

Recall that over 8000 people have called for the disqualification of Brymo from the 8th All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) over his contentious remarks about the Igbo tribe.

According to reports, those who signed the petition believed that not receiving the honour will send the musician a clear message considering his recent derogatory statements against the Igbo people.

However, on Friday, 13th January, the artist took to his Instagram to offer an explanation, claiming that the whole drama started with Chimamanda Adichie receiving a chieftaincy title in her hometown, yet shunning a national award.

Further stating that he has been an advocate for the Igbo presidency in the past few years and was only calling out the Ndi Igbo movement, which he is clearly not pleased with

He said, “It is very important you understand that this entire fracas began with me seeing in the media that Chimamanda Adichie refused some national honours and had picked up some traditional title in the East at home.”

“I have clamoured for Igbo presidency in the last few years, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“I said, ‘Fuck Ndi’Igbo to hell with it – the ‘it’ refers to the peddlers of the movement i.e. people championing for it.”

He further said, “I did not insult the tribe, I’m sorry to anyone who it sounded as such to, I was trying to weigh into a very important matter.”

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