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Breaking; Female Fan Caresses D’banj’s Private Part On Performance

The Nigerian singer, D’banj receives a deepest shock of his life while he was performing on stage, a female fan of his came up all in the name of being happy ended up fondling the singer’s private part which got everyone astonished. D’banj is famous for being one of Afrobeats’ greatest performers whose electrifying stagemanship has earned him the title of “The Entertainer,” and he took entertainment to a whole new level with his latest performance.At the Press Play concert in Lagos Nigeria, a female who was also doubling as a dancer took things to a whole new level as she got sexual with D’banj on stage.

The dancer who was using her backside to thrill the audience flirtingly danced with D’banj before whispering something into his ear which made the award-winning artist express visible shock. The fan took it to another level as she went on her knees and tried to unzip D’banj’s trousers in what was an attempt to engage in sexual acts.

A stunned D’banj quickly pulled away as he continued performing his verse from D’Prince’s hit single ‘Give It To Me’ to an excited crowd. This is not the first time male artists are getting sexual propositions on stage. Ruger has been on the receiving end of several sexual assaults with female fans forcing themselves on him and trying to kiss him. Burna Boy also had bras thrown at him at his 2022 sold-out MSG concert. At any rate, most of the male artists don’t seem to mind so we will likely continue to see these sexual acts from female fans.

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