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Over the years the quest to becoming a better athlete has been a common point of interest amongst various sports men and women all over the world. Ambitions would remain mere ambitions if quality and deliberate steps aren’t taken to ensure that they are actualised as at when due and that is why in this article we shall be looking at three solid steps every ambitious sports man or woman should take if they must become better athletes in their respective sports.

Eat Right

Eating right sounds the simplest but yet one of the hardest ways a sports man/woman can maintain top body fitness to perform at the highest level.The importance of food in the journey to becoming a better athlete can never be overlooked as it contains all the nutrients needed to compete.Athletes need nutrients to stay fit but certainly not all nutrients, that’s why it is very important for athletes to choose carefully the kind of food they take into their body as it may or may not be good for them.Eating right enhances an athletes performance from the inside by nurturing vital organs which helps the athlete perform better on the outside and hardly gets fatigue.

Further more athletes are also encouraged to take meals rich in vitamin A and Calcium for good sight and strong bones,.they are also encouraged to eat meals rich in protein to replace worn out body tissues and get them quickly ready to compete again.An athletes eating habit determines a large part of his success as a sports man/woman, this is because to a large extent the quality of food that goes into an athletes body determines the quality of performance and energy produced by that athlete during performance, so in a nutshell the quality of food determines the quality of performance.

Maintain Good Hygiene

As insignificant as this may seem it remains one of the core points athletes must follow if they must attain great success and reach their full potential. Every athlete must strive towards maintaining a healthy hygiene as this helps in strengthening the immune system and prevents illness. A good hygiene curbs the spread of germs caused from flu, body contact,.sharing same locker room, bathroom, etc and helps maintain a healthy body for performance.

Athletes need to do all they can to stay healthy and fit and a good hygiene is one of the surest way to achieving that. Maintaining a good hygiene doesn’t stop on the body of the athlete alone, it goes as far as his/her kits being clean always before and after use.


This particular point is very much needed in every other aspect or profession of life as it gives people the power to forcefully take from life what they desire or wish to make of it regardless of their current situation.Discipline is seen as the alpha of all characters every athlete must posses if they must reach the pinnacle of their career.Every great athlete in history did not just wake up into greatness,.they understood the necessary steps that must be taken in other to attain such heights and level of recognition and were willing to pay the price to achieve their goal.

An athlete looking to achieve greatness in his/her game must be willing to discipline his/her self in every area of life in other not to loose track,.he/she must be disciplined enough to stick to foods prescribed to him/her by his/her nutritionist or physician without compromise,.he/she must be disciplined enough to stick to the basics of his trade, i.e not trying to cut corners during training, you must train as though you are just a beginner or should I say a novice, he/she must be disciplined enough to maintain healthy habits boosts or enhances their performances, i.e habits such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse, should be stopped if an athlete must perform at top level.In a nutshell discipline is what makes the difference between an average athlete from a better athlete.

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