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In the ongoing legal dispute surrounding the victory of Bola Tinubu in the recent presidential election, the Action People’s Party (APP) has withdrawn its legal challenge against the President-elect.This development was revealed by the party’s counsel, Obed Agu, during proceedings that took place on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. The case was being heard by the Presidential Election Petition Court, with Justice Tsammani presiding over the matter. Following the APP’s withdrawal of its petition, the presiding judge dismissed the case in a brief ruling.

Although the reasons behind the party’s decision to withdraw the case were not made public, it is a significant development in the ongoing legal battle. Tinubu, who contested under the All Progressives Congress (APC), was declared the winner of the February presidential election with an impressive 8,794,726 votes. Several opposition parties, including the APP, challenged the outcome of the election. However, with the APP’s withdrawal, the legal challenge against Tinubu’s victory has become less formidable.

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