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APC Chieftain Claims Buhari’s Government Created 3 Million Jobs Annually

While speaking on the Arise TV Morning Show programme on Monday, 21st November, the Lagos State Organising Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ayodele Adewale, claimed that the APC-led federal government created more than three million jobs yearly.

Recall that the federal government led by the APC pledged during the 2015 election campaign to pull 100 million Nigerians out of poverty by creating three million new jobs annually.

His assertion coincides with a National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), research that shows 133 million Nigerians are multi-dimensionally impoverished.

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According to the NBS, a lack of access to security, employment, living standards, health care, and education is what causes poverty. Additionally, it showed that 35% of the poor—or around 47 million people—live in the South, whereas 65%—86 million people—live in the North.

However, Adewale claimed the APC government had aggregated more than three million jobs.

He said, “If you invite me to your programme next time, I will bring you factual written facts from all the Ministries and Agencies.
When you put all of it together, it is beyond 3 million jobs.

“Give me another opportunity; I don’t want to be rhetorical about it. If you had told me this question before I came, I would have gotten you evidential facts from every Agency.

“I am telling you that the APC government has created more than three million jobs aggregately. Do you know how many Agencies we have in Nigeria? Let us break it into simple mathematics. By the time you put all these numbers together, it’s beyond that.”

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