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Another Victim Of The Stampede At Asake’s Brixton Concert Has Been Recorded

Social media reports claim that the stampede at Asake’s Brixton show on October 16, 2022, has resulted in the death of another person.

Gabrielle Hutchinson, a 23-year-old member of the event’s security team, died in the early hours of this morning, making her the second person to die from the stampede at Asake’s sold-out Brixton O2 Arena show.

A Nigerian Rebecca Ikumelo had before passed from wounds supported during the charge after a huge number of fans who didn’t have tickets attempted to drive their direction through the entryway.

Asake expressed his sincere condolences to Rebecca’s family while expressing regret for the incident. He was overcome with grief.

Before the show, Asake warned fans not to show up if they didn’t have valid tickets because the venue wouldn’t have any. Despite this, hundreds of fans who didn’t have tickets showed up and tried to force their way in.

The police are looking into the events at Brixton, and Pulse will keep you updated as they happen.

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