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Alexx Ekubo – I Have Logged Out Of Anything Related To Marriage

Nigerian actor, Alex Ekubo has revealed his current disposition towards the idea of marriage and shared it with the public. Ekubo revealed that he is not interested in anything that will lead to a wedding right now. In response to a post from a woman who joked that she couldn’t wait to marry him, Alex stated that he has “logged out of anything that will lead to a wedding.” This is prior to what happened between him and his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu.

In her words, “I am planning our wedding, babes; make all this scarcity of money go away so I can marry you properly.” “Me wey don log out from anything that go lead to wedding,” Alexx said in response to the fan. This may be owing to the actor’s latest drama with his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu. Remember that Alex and Fancy made news a while back after his ex called off their wedding? This led to a series of dramas on social media, with Fancy calling out the actor and levelling all sorts of allegations against him, which included that he never had sex with her in the relationship.

She also called him a blackmailer and claimed that Alex is a narcissist and that the charming personality he shows other people is a façade. She further alleged that the actor refused to get intimate with her but instead told her to get intimate with other men. At the time, there was a huge back and forth between the former couple, with revelations flying everywhere.

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