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Alake Tags Tinubu’s Naysayers ‘Character Assassins,’ Says They Have Been Proven Wrong

Critics of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu have been referred to as “character assassins” by Chief Dele Alake, Director of Strategic Communication for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council.

In an interview with Politics Today on Channels Television, Alake praised Tinubu’s remarks made at Chatham House in the UK.: “Tinubu proved all the naysayers of negativism, all those who left germane issue facing Nigeria and engaged in character assassination wrong.”

“Asiwaju has been applauded and commended by all and sundry. From the report we got, people are saying they never knew he was this articulate, he was flawless.”

Asked why people spoke for him during questions, he said: “That’s one of the innovations of Asiwaju Tinubu. Don’t forget that one of his strengths has been identifying talents and headhunting of the highest order.”

“Anybody who knows Asiwaju would know that he’s primus inter pares in team building that is what he showed. Those who are saying what you just said are ignorant of the dynamics of leadership.”

Alake insisted that “leadership is not a one-man show! Successful leadership is one that is based on a team that is professional, and that is management acumen. Asiwaju also answered questions personally and directly.”

“He wanted to show the calibre of his team. In fact, that style is being copied by some of his opponents. In his address, he spoke for 28 minutes. Nobody helped him to deliver his address. The question and answer was a small part of the engagement.”

“He sought to display the dexterity of his team which is also an important ingredient in successful leadership. People must get their priorities right. When you want a good leader and one of the requirements of good leadership is the ability and capacity to build a strong team that is knowledgeable and strong, that is what Tinubu has done.”


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