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Akwaibom: ‘God Will Use You To Deliver Nigeria’ Prelate Mbang Tells Obi

The former Prelate of the Methodist Church, His Eminence Sunday Mbang, has described the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, as the man God will use to deliver Nigeria.

Obi who visited Akwa-ibom as part of his nation wide campaign rally never failed to visit the church as his tradition in the other states he has toured.

Mbang spoke on Tuesday while receiving Obi who paid him a courtesy call at his home in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital.

The 86-year-old clergy who bemoaned the state of the Nation noted that the country has never been this bad  since he was born.

“I think ever since I was born in Nigeria, this country this time had been the worst. I was watching Arise TV this morning. And they said within few years, this Government has already brought many people into poverty, but this 2022, about 5 million Nigerians have gone into poverty.

“Now, unfortunately, the administration is now taking the largest loan I know in the world. When Obasanjo came here, he decided to wipe off all the loan. Now, we are indebted to the world, only God knows who will pay for it.”

The former Prelate said he was happy when he heard Obi was coming into national politics. “I don’t know whether God will choose you or not. But I strongly believe God has a reason for bringing you into politics. And I know that it is God’s wish that all these recycling of people we already know, God would not allow them.

He said that he strongly believe, “If God wants the change in this country, you will be the one that God will choose. I’m not saying that I have ordained you to be but the God I worship and I worship him sincerely. I know that the God I worship would not allow Nigeria to continue to suffer, and I know he will do what is best for her.

“All this wayo they have  done in the past, I’m telling you, I believe strongly that anybody who wants to Wayo Nigeria in the election, God will deal with him in a way he will live to regret and I say this in the name of the Father, and of the Son of the Holy Spirit.

“This country must get a free breath of fresh air and do what is right Father, what I’m telling you, if Peter Obi is the one you have chosen to change Nigeria, let it be so, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.”

The LP Presidential flag bearer who went with the leadership of his party to seek blessing pleaded with the revered cleric to “Please continue to pray for Nigeria. Your Eminence, Don’t keep quiet, if you do, it is no longer you. God didn’t make you to keep quiet. Things are not moving well in Nigeria.

Obi recalled how Mbang as the incumbent Prelate of the Methodist Church went to Obasanjo to tell him to allow me be the governor because I won the election.“ I was in court I won the election and everybody here knew I won the election. Your eminence went to President Olusegun Obasanjo to say, “they say this man won the election, let him be governor.”

Obi told the former Prelate that what we are going through today in this country with insecurity and other malaise are all a cumulative effect of leadership failure over the years.

The LP candidate said that while Obasanjo left office with no debt as noted by the great cleric,  “Today, we are owing over $100 billion dollars, without anything to show for it. When we have somebody who had cleared over  $30 billion in 2007. 15 years after we are owing three times more than.”

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