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Ahead Of Her Birthday, Seyi Shay Shares Ten Important Life Lessons

It’s the singer’s 37th birthday!

Nigerian artist Seyi Shay has listed 10 astonishing examples life has shown her ahead of her 37th birthday celebration on Wednesday, December 21.

On Monday, December 19, the singer posted a lovely picture of herself alongside a list on her Instagram page.

In her writing, she expressed her gratitude for life’s many blessings.

In her words, “Birthday week AND Christmas week ?! Cheeeee I’m super Grateful for life and all my many blessings,” she said.

She then highlighted ten important lessons she has learned in her time on earth.

“Life hacks I’ve now learned in my ‘30 something’ years on earth:

  1. Even when you trust someone, keep somethings to yourself
  2. Your mental health and peace is more important than your career will ever be
  3. Be ok with people not liking you, most people don’t even like themselves (they just can’t admit it)
  4. Being misunderstood can be fixed
  5. Drink loads of water
  6. Eat home cooked food/ learn to cook
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Let God talk to you for a change, meditate
  9. Stay away from toxic people and things
  10. Forgive your past, yourself and others.”

Since the birth of her daughter in April 2022, the singer has not been seen by the general public.

However, she took the child out for the first time on December 4, 2022.

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