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African Residents In UK Struggles To Survive, Amid UK Inflation

The reports published by the African Communication Service community has shown that many African residents in the UK suffer to afford their basic needs like; food, housing and energy. This new development has forced the African Diasporan community to seek financial support amid the inflation. 

Robert Ekat, the lead researcher who spoke at BHM said that the findings reveal the stark reality of the financial struggles faced by this community, with job security and monthly bills being the top concerns.

The founder of BHM Ayeni Adekunle added that the report is critical as it highlights the impact of the cost of living crisis on African immigrants. It is a deliberately qualitative report with factual data to help us comprehend the practical impact of rising costs on individuals and communities.

According to the report, “Almost 60% of those surveyed have turned to family for financial support in recent times, while 44.5% admit to borrowing to pay for everyday needs. As the crisis bites deeper, several participants say they have had to cut down on essentials to survive.”

The University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory has observed that the net migration was unusually high in 2022 as rises in temporary work and study migration post-pandemic have contributed to the surge. Inspite the specific contribution of the UK economy, reports shows that 84% of Africans in UK do not claim any form of financial support from the UK government, compare to other citizen in EU.

According to Enitan Kehinde, General Manager, BHM UK, “We are delighted to inform public discourse and help raise awareness about the economic and psychological issues facing Africans in the UK. This is necessary for us to demonstrate increased understanding, empathy and support for these individuals and communities and to inspire practicable solutions.”

With many Africans seeking to migrate to the UK in the coming months, BHM UK’s report on the cost of living crisis critically expounds on the experiences of African expatriates and the interventions to embark upon, especially by government and organisations targeted at the African community. It’s important for the UK to provide some support to Africans.

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