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African Diplomat Flees to South Sudan after Arrest for Alleged NYC Rape

A Diplomatic representative of South Sudan successfully fled to his home country this week after he was arrested on August 21 for allegedly raping a woman in New York City. He was released the next day after invoking diplomatic immunity, the New York Post reported. 

The New York Post referred to an official press release issued by South Sudan’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday, which stated in part:

It is with regret that our diplomat was involved in an alleged rape incident with one of New York City residents The leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation took the decision to immediately recall the diplomat in question, pending a full investigation from a specialized committee. The diplomat in question is now back in South Sudan and has been suspended from his duties, awaiting the outcome of this investigation. We are committed to working closely with the relevant US authorities to take the appropriate action, following the outcome of all investigations.

According to report, He sighted his victim who resides at the apartment building and raped her twice by forcing his way into her apartment.

According to a police report seen by the Post this week, Oliha allegedly offered to open the door for his victim as she entered her apartment’s lobby after walking a neighbor’s dog outside the complex around noon on sunday. He tells her that he was going to follow her upstairs to her apartment. “No, you’re not,” the woman replied, according to the NYPD report.

“But as the woman opened the door to her apartment, the suspect forced his way inside,” the newspaper quoted police as stating in the report.

News that Oliha had fled to his homeland as of August 25 called into question whether South Sudanese authorities would seek to extradite the diplomat to the U.S. to face possible rape charges in New York City.

South Sudan’s Foreign Ministry “did not specify” in its statement on Friday “if South Sudan would extradite the suspect back to the states if Manhattan prosecutors filed charges against him,” the Post observed. .

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