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Africa Resolves To Establish A Single Air Transport Market— Sirika

The Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, has said that Africa has resolved to implement a Single Air Transport Market in Africa (SAATM) to advance liberalization.

During his remarks at the end of the five-day International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Services Negotiation Event (ICAN2022) in Abuja on Friday, Sirika made this clear.

According to Sirika, the African Union’s Agenda 2063’s flagship project, SAATM, would advance the continent’s economic integration agenda.

He claims that SAATM will ensure that aviation plays a significant role in connecting Africa, promoting the continent’s social, economic, and political integration, and thereby increasing intra-African trade and tourism.

The pastor noticed that SAATM was made to facilitate the full execution of the Yamoussoukro Choice.

“I am very excited as you spent about a week with us. I was equally excited for Nigeria to host this very important event.

“There are new developments that we derived from this, in particular, our resolve to implement Single Air Transport Market in Africa (SAATM).

“This is in the spirit of actualising Agenda 2063 which will unify and integrate Africa and connect its people, future, and posture.

“It will also open the borders to connect the whole world together.

“Aviation ought to play its role in connecting our markets, places, friends and families among others,“ the minister said.

He said the series of engagements and negotiations during the event indicated that the “ICAAN 2022 was delivered objectively. “

During the event, Sirika stated that progress in human and service development would eventually lead to an increase in air connectivity throughout Africa and the world.

Mr. Anthony Derjacques, Minister of Transport for the Republic of Seychelles, stated in his speech that SAATM would promote the value of aviation throughout Africa and open Africa’s skies.

Derjacques added that opening air agreements would increase traffic, propel economies, and generate employment.

Mr. Mohamed Rahma, Director of the Air Transport Bureau at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), commended Nigeria and other stakeholders for their contributions towards a successful ICAAN 2022 event in Nigeria.

He claims that 417 participants (321 in-person and 96 online) from 63 states participated in the various meetings that took place during the event. Of those, 47 were in person and 16 were online.

According to Rahma, the ICAO’s long-term goal for international air transportation liberation was to meet social and economic needs better, expand markets, and foster state collaborations all over the world.

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