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Afghan Woman Forced Into Protest For Right To Education

In Afghanistan on Tuesday, a group of young women have been forced to take to the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital in protest to demand the right to education following the expulsion of female students from the Kabul University dormitory.

According to the reports making rounds, the few dozen of women were carrying signs reading: “Education is our red line” and rending chants that the world has forgotten them under the Taliban.

However, in a report published by France 24, the peaceful protest, was dispersed and the women were removed from the area by the Taliban, who warned them about the risk of attack.



“Once again, the Taliban prevented us from demonstrating by insulting and threatening us,” one of the protesting women said.

“Unfortunately, the Taliban threatened us with explosion and suicide bombing,” she added.

The organiser of the protest, Zholia Parsi said; “Today’s protest was for girls who have been expelled.”

Vanguard reports that the demonstration was triggered by the killing of more than 50 students in September who are mainly young women in an attack in Kabul.

However, when demonstrations emerged last month, the Taliban resorted to using force to break up or suppress the protest around several provinces of the state.

In Kabul, dozens of female Hazara students who were planning to join a protest claimed to be poisoned in the Kabul University dormitory. A few days later, the dormitory authorities expelled a number of these students for protesting their alleged poisoning, the report said.


However, the Taliban’s higher education ministry claimed that the poisoning was due to overeating and that the expulsion of the girls was based on the university’s rules to maintain order and discipline.

The Ministry of Higher Education said Monday that an undisclosed number of students “who violated the rules and regulations of the university’s dormitory” had been expelled from their accommodations.

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