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48 Hours After The Death Of The US Reporter Who Made Headlines With His LGBT T-Shirt, Another Journalist “Died Suddenly” At The Qatar World Cup

48 hours after a US reporter who made headlines for wearing an LGBT T-shirt died from a “heart attack,” a second journalist died suddenly at the Qatar World Cup.

On Sunday, December 11, Qatari photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam, who worked for Al Kass TV, passed away. At this point, it is not clear what caused his death.

Gulf Times, a Qatari newspaper: The Qatari journalist Al-Misslam passed away suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

‘We put stock in Allah’s benevolence and grace for him, and send our most profound sympathies to his loved ones.’

Al Kass TV, which only briefly mentioned his passing in a live broadcast and appears to be awaiting additional information, confirmed the news.

It comes just 48 hours after the death of American journalist Grant Wahl, who was denied entry to stadiums because he wore a top that supported LGBT people.

The prominent football journalist, 48, fell during additional time in the match among Argentina and the Netherlands in Doha on Friday night.

Paramedics did mouth to mouth (CPR)and utilized a programmed chest blower to attempt to restore him for 20 minutes.

An ambulance carried Wahl to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead of what was believed to have been a heart attack.

Erik, Wahl’s gay brother, said shortly after his death that his brother was killed for constantly criticizing the Qatari regime.

Eric Wahl made the following statement in an Instagram video that has since been deleted: Eric Wahl is my name. Seattle, Washington, is where I live. Grant Wahl’ brother. I’m gay.

He wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup because of me. My brother was healthy

‘He let me know he got passing dangers. I don’t think my brother passed away recently. I think he was murdered. And all I ask is for assistance.’

He went on to say that on Monday, his brother’s body would be brought back to the United States, and that his family would not reveal the cause of death until an autopsy had been carried out in the United States.

After his body “broke down” due to lack of sleep, high stress, and a lot of work, Grant Wahl had just returned from a break.

He was reporting on his eighth world cup and had made headlines when he was turned away from a game because he was wearing a rainbow shirt.

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