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2 Guards Imprisoned For Stealing Hotel’s Bedsheets, Buckets

On Wednesday, a magistrates’ court in Jos, sentenced Ayuka Philip, 22, and Daniel Adekuchili to six months imprisonment each for stealing bedsheets, buckets and assorted beverage from a hotel.

After they pleaded guilty to the charges, Magistrate Shawomi Bokkos sentenced Philip and Adekuchili to jail. 

Bokkos stated that the punishment would serve as a lesson to others who would want to indulge in the same act.

The magistrate ordered them to pay a compensation of N12,000 each, after which he gave an option of fine of N5,000 each. 

Earlier, the prosecution counsel, Inspector Monday Dabit, the court that the case was reported by Mr Richard Victor on March 25, at the Anglo-Jos Police Station. 

Dabit said that the convicts took a spare key to the store and stole four sets of bedsheets, eight plastic buckets and assorted drinks.

He said such an offence is punishable under the Plateau Penal Code Law.

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