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There are good people in the APC and PDP who are stakeholders in their party and will do everything to have their party win the 2023 election.

Give it to them, it is their God given right!

Life is driven first by self interest!

So for them it is what can Nigeria give me in this upcoming 2023 General Election. It is not what can I give to Nigeria in this election.

They may argue that for them BAT or Atikulate is the best thing that can happen for Nigeria. Even though they know deep down that these guys have been gatekeepers of the country that had seen to the looting of our Public wealth.

So it will be fruitless for us who think differently to just keep burning data insulting their candidate and not selling ours.

I can assure you these good people in APC or PDP will make some good money during this electioneering campaign as Atikulate and the Bourlion Van maestro, are billionaire spenders who can buy anything , even your vote and conscience,if possible. Besides, their party is Big and have been in control of our Public Wealth since 1999 till date.

But we on the OBIdient side of the divide, will have to deprive ourselves of our widow’s mite to support the course we believe in, as the Labour Party is too minute in Wealth and Mr.President(come 2023 insha Allah) is so prudent with scarce resources and principled in spending that he is most time seen as “akagum”.

Let’s start building our structure by ensuring we talk to people in the real world outside the social media.

Let’s reach out to the Campaign Office of the Labour Party to abreast ourselves with strategies being implored for implementation.
Let’s also suggest ideas to the campaign office on how best to send the hawks, feasting on our public wealth out of power.
Better still, let’s get to work on our neighbourhood. Selling Peter Obi House to House.

It’s not about Peter Obi any longer
It’s not about the sentiment of having an Igbo man occupy the exalted office of our country-allah e kiyaye, tufiakwa,olurunmaje
No, it’s not about that!

It’s about the economy!
It’s about our public wealth
It’s about reducing hunger
It’s about breaking the deep dichotomy in the country flying on the wings of poverty

It’s a movement for PROSPERITY!!!
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